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(Making NYC dance tango since 1996)
La Milonga Rosa
Fridays in NYC

FRIDAY July 24


$12 ($15 with the classes included)
$ 8 (Students with ID )
Ukrainian East Village Restaurant
140 2nd Ave ( between 8th & 9thSt)
Dinner and drinks optional

Argentine native VALERIA SOLOMONOFF is a Tango dancer and choreographer based in New York. She is an innovator firmly rooted in traditional Tango. She has been extensively praised by publications as diverse as The New York Times, The Washington Post and Die Tageszeitung.

Valeria has shared the stage with Placido Domingo, performed for the president of Argentina at the Metropolitan Opera House and created, in collaboration with five other tango dancers, the world's first all women tango group: TangoMujer (1996-2006) with whom she toured extensively with the auspices of two NEFA Grants. Their shows re-imagined tango for the stage and inspired a generation of social tango dancers. Since then, Ms. Solomonoff has continued to find ways of stripping tango from stereotypes, exposing its choreographic complexity. At times, Ms. Solomonoff work highlights tango's potential for theatrical commentary on gender, societal expectations and power struggles. Some venues in which she performed and choreographed include Washington State Department, Lincoln Center, Symphony Space, Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival in Lee, Mass., Town Hall, Skirball Center, Herbst Theater of San Francisco, the Tanzhaus in Dusseldorf and at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin.

Since 2011 Valeria is Adjunct Faculty at New York University Tisch Drama Department.


ARTEM "TIOMA" MALORATSKY started his studies of tango in Miami, Florida, in 1994, where he later performed in the show "Tango Fever". In 1996 he moved to New York and began frequent visits to Argentina, studying with such numerous Tango masters. His dancing is inspired in large part by the classic salon style of the 1940's, which he has seeks out and studies during his prolonged stays in Buenos Aires.

As a teacher, Tioma is known for making the authentic salon style of tango accessible to his students. He concentrates on musicality, balance, connection between the partners, and improvisational techniques for social dancing. To enhance and refine his dancing, as well as to deepen his approach to teaching, Tioma has studied the Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, Nei Kung, Yoga, and Mindfulness meditation. He has been successfully applying his understanding of body dynamics to helping students improve their general movement coordination while learning how to dance. Tioma has authored the internationally acclaimed website tangoprinciples.org, which is used by tango teachers and enthusiasts around the world.

Tioma currently resides in New York City, teaches and performs at various tango venues, produces and DJs at the weekly tango event Ensueño Tango Salon.



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