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Come for a Tango Experience in Buenos Aires. A different and unique proposal that you will always remember.


We offer assistance to those interested in coming to Argentina.

We specialize in those interested in tango and also offer many other activities tours, cultural activities, shopping assistance, Tango Escorts, classes, lodging and apartment rentals


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Going to BuenosAires?
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TANGO Trips to Buenos Aires: Are you looking for a tango trip to Buenos Aires? I highly recommend going with a group, particularly if this is your first trip to Buenos Aires or if it is your first tango experience there.
Here we keep a list of the tango trips to Argentina that we recommend.
New 2006 trips will be added soon.

Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino (CITA)
This is not a tour but a large gathering of tangueros from all around the world. Probably the largest of its kind
Buenos Aires March 12 -19

Tuscany Tango: If you love Tuscany or have always wanted to visit it, this trip is for you! The trip combines a fantastic location – the beautifully restored 13th century Castello di Gargonza – with the opportunity to work on your tango with Argentine tango master OMAR VEGA.

June 19- 25

El Abrazo Tango Trips : Led by Ney Melo and Jennifer Bratt


Buenos Aires. June 16 - 24


Tango Experience with Oliver Kolker Buenos Aires- July

10 Nights in Buenos Aires
• Hotel / Accommodations / Breakfast
• Tango Clinic 22hs of Tango / Milonga and Musicality
Osvaldo Zotto/Lorena Hermocida - " Tango Salon"
Horacio Godoy - " Milonga" " Men Technique"
Pablo Villarraza/Dana Frigoli - " Tango Fundamentals"
Melina Brufman - " Women Technique"
Lisandro Adrover - Bandononist - Composer
Alberto Podesta - Tango Singer
• Milongas (10 one per night)
• Transportation
• 24hs Coordination
• Excursion to La Boca - San Telmo - All Day Farm*

Oliver Koheler together with you, will share the experience of going to every corner in Buenos Aires, living the Night, the Milongas, Cafes, Restaurants, Parks, Streets, The Smell, The Tango.
This trip is totally design for those who want to learn or improve their dance skills.
That is why is limited to 20 people TANGO EXPERIENCE 2006



Need more info about Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires official tourist page
Read she ABC News Story and watch the video about tango tourism in Buenos Aires